How EVE works?

1) Home

 EVE provides essential resources for entrepreneurs. It lets people capture and share day to day activities at your workplace. You can add information like volunteer work, publications and more for a well-rounded EVE home. Also learn how recommendations and skill endorsements can strengthen your EVE home.

2) Profile

A complete EVE profile can help you connect with opportunity. You can leverage the family tab to provide a preview of life at your company through photos, testimonials and more. You will be the owner of any group you create, and you can also assign other members to help manage your group.

3) Reminder

 The EVE reminder tab as the name suggests is used to set reminders, so that users get alerts and take appropriate actions such as paying bills on time etc. EVE sends you these reminders by SMS & Email.

4) Events/Activities

Our mission is to create fun, engaging, interactive experiences for users of all ages while delivering new sources of revenue and customer data to event managers.

1) Work

With EVE get work done on time. Plan your project activities, assign work, manage resources and collaborate with your team better to get things done. Make sure your team always has access to the latest version of all project documents. Work together on assignments, presentations, and spreadsheets using our online document tools.

2) HR

EVE is an intersection of human resources and information technology, which allows HR activities and processes to occur electronically. EVE has several features in the HR section like-

  • Payroll- This helps HR professionals with the identification, evaluation and selection of HR software.
  • Attendance Management- Our attendance management software captures attendance data, not daily or weekly but in real time. This data is seamlessly integrated with the payroll module.
  • Leave Management- Create any number of leave types and define leave policies for each type exclusively: sick leave, casual leave, medical leave, travelling allowance etc. EVE allows you to configure various types of leave policies like leave granting, leave availing restrictions, weekend policies, leave pro-rating, year-end leave processing etc.
  • Advance Management- View pay slips, total earnings statements, reimbursement statements and reimbursement claims, PF and YTD statements. Also, view details related to loans or advances like instalments paid, balance payable, etc.

1) GPS Tracking

For on field sales employees, EVE provides the employers a GPS location tracking system, to see where their representatives are.

2) Attendance

EVE provides an employee attendance marking app for every user, where they can mark attendance real time.

3) History

Assign location and work for colleagues on specific dates daily, weekly and monthly, or let them schedule their task deadlines on their own.

1) Dashboard

A Dashboard is an effective way of organising information on a single page, to have a quick insight into the business. EVE provides a simple & intuitive drag and drop interface for creating dashboards in minutes.

2) Voucher

 Our Online Voucher application allows to submit Purchase, Sales, Debit & Credit vouchers for approval. With the task of data entry delegated throughout the organization, the accounting department can spend more time focusing on more pressing issues.

3) Company

An EVE Desktop company file contains financial records of a business. If you are just starting out with EVE, the first thing to do is create a company. You can easily change your user ID, password, and other user information on EVE.

1) Dashboard

 With EVE dashboard, clients get access to the information like purchases, expenses, bestselling products and customers visited, all on one dashboard. Clients may see the information on a daily or monthly basis.

2) Branch

EVE has a branch tab which provides its clients with all the details of their salon branches, namely branch name, email address, billing details and so much more.

3) Product

 Clients can make a list of the products that are used in their salons, the quantity that they have, and once the minimum quantity is about to finish, clients also get a notification to reorder the products.

4) Service

With EVE services, clients can offer a vast range of salon services to their customers. From the duration of time required for a haircut to the products used, it’s all hassle free.

5) Supplier

 In the supplier tab, clients can maintain a list of their product suppliers with their clear details. So whenever a client needs to reorder or communicate with a supplier, they can get in touch with them with just a click.

6) Customer

EVE lets its clients maintain the details of all their customers very effectively.

7) Appointment

Clients can track their booking history and manage their services with the help of the EVE appointments tab.

8) Expense

 EVE lets its clients manage both their minor and major expenses efficiently.

Getting Familiar with the Layout

The first step in learning how to use EVE is to familiarize yourself with the layout. When logging into EVE for the first time, you will reach a setup screen called “Home”. This is where you can add your data and customize the system to match the data fields you require.

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Getting your Data onto EVE

If you tried adding a contact at the previous stage, you have already learned the manual way to do this. However, if you have a long list of contacts, there is a much quicker way to import all of them together. Now let’s begin!

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Sales Employee Tracking

Improve your sales and service team performance with EVEs sales employee tracking section. The depth of sales analytics and reporting provided by EVE guarantees that your most valuable investment- your sales team - is performing at their best and gives you the data to make right decisions.

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Performance management for the modern workforce

With EVE human resources (HR) software, you can do anything from sending offer letters and running background checks, to letting new recruits on board themselves before their first day.  

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Powerful software at your fingertips

Our EVE salon mobile app has all the features you need to add, book and check out clients. But its benefits don’t end there. This little game changer sits right in your pocket, and while you are out and about, it might just become one of the best friends you have!  

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