TestGetting Familiar with the Layout

The first step in learning how to use EVE is to familiarize yourself with the layout. When logging into EVE for the first time, you will reach a setup screen called "Home". This is where you can add your data and customize the system to match the data fields you require. Before we begin setting up the system however, try clicking some of the menu bars at the top to get familiar with the EVE layout. For instance, Leads or Accounts are known as modules, and they are spaces where you store different types of data and access different system features. Try clicking on Contacts, then fill out and save a new contact. Next, head on over to Potentials, which is where you track sales opportunities. Try filling out and saving one of these too. Once you start to feel familiar with all of this, move to Step 2 and we will show you how to get your data onto EVE.

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