What is Eve

EVE or Employee Value Enhancer, is an all-in-one mobile app for running big and small businesses on the go. It requires no past technological experience, and is extremely easy to understand. It is quick, simple and available on ONE SINGLE DASHBOARD, and we also customize those for you.

Easy To Use

No need to know finance or accounting

100% Data Security

Your Data is completely secure

Get the report

As the algorithm finishes its work you will get a detailed report on the research

What you get

From generating leads to bettering your next sale, we’ve got you covered

HR Payroll Software

Make Reports Worth Reading

Customize your MIS reports, manage your client, team data and make the right decision quickly using one single dashboard.

Feet On Street (FOS)

See where your team is, who they visit, when they bag an order or collect a payment, and which route they have taken, all with the help of EVE.

HR Payroll Software
HR Payroll Software

Connect with others through EVE

Use EVE to connect more meaningfully with your work place community to assign and follow up on tasks, organise and manage events, upload and share memories.

HR, Benefits and Payroll, in a Single New Workflow

Powerful, intuitive tools consolidated on one platform, to reduce administrative overhead, and increase employee efficiency. In other words, less paperwork and more real work.

HR Payroll Software


Akashh Jaiswal

(Founder and Chairman)

Dynamic, eccentric, energetic- these three words encompass the man behind the idea, and the heart and soul of the EVE brand.

Nityangi Jaiswal

(Founder and Director)

Creative, committed and customer-centric, she manages most of the corporate aspects of business, and makes sure EVE delivers on time and in full.

Ajay Agarwal

(Founding Director and CIO)

The techie, the ‘executionist’, the backbone of EVE, he makes sure that the EVE brand and the business keeps growing and evolving with time and technology.

What we use in our work


  • -Secure connection
  • -Kickout hackers
  • -Encrypt sensitive informations
  • -Provides authentication

Google map

  • -Track easily
  • -Track realtime
  • -Exact location
  • -Mobile and Desktop enabled

Google FCM

  • -In app messaging
  • -Robust speed
  • -Crashlytics
  • -Cross platform support

Email gateway

  • -Scalable infrastructure
  • -Proven deliverability
  • -Trusted service
  • -Secured sending environment

SMS gateway

  • -Instant delivery
  • -Simple and secured
  • -High priority route


  • -Power packed performance
  • -Robust infrastructure
  • -ClamAV protection
  • -99.9% uptime

Real-time location tracking

24/7 access on any device

Live ERP dashboard

All-in-one communication wall

Download EVE App

Track your service request, order, status any time

Get daily updates, great offers & deals

We are just a click away from the solution of your problems.

Choose a suitable subscription plan

What do I get with EVE Subscriptions?


  • Business Social Network
  • MARS
  • Events & Activities
  • Contact Management
  • My Personal Drive
  • Personal Finance Management

and more...

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  • End to End Payroll Management
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Leave Management
  • TA & Reimbursement
  • Complete Recruitment Process

and more...

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  • Instant Lead Generation
  • Cloud Based Data Management
  • Team Management
  • Sales Dashboard View
  • Live Street Tracker

and more...

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  • Target Management
  • Target Vs Achieved - Analysis
  • Unique Reporting Network
  • Complete Sales Tracker
  • State of the art : CRM

and more...

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"The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”
Bill Gates

Employee Value Enhancer

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