EVE stands for Employee Value Enhancer. It is an ERP + CRM based application which helps in running a business smoothly. Its unique and advanced features help save time & it also acts as a common social platform of an organization.


EVE helps workplaces remain connected across all hierarchies, geographies and job roles, in real-time. It helps to keep the business leader updated on working culture, assignments and employee whereabouts and helps in setting reminders and work follow-ups for upcoming events and projects. It is available 24 hours on any device. EVE believes in an efficient and easy-to-work environment, therefore, the EVE forum involves completely secure connections.

Yes, we provide a very advanced GPS feature, where the proprietor can track their employees & generate reports. But it is not entirely a tracking device, we provide several other features too.

Employees can assign work and do follow-ups with other employees. They can upload pictures and videos, greet each other on occasions, set reminders and maintain contact books. EVE also helps in keeping a track of upcoming events and activities. There is also a clock-in and clock-out feature which helps employees to mark their attendance easily from their phones or computers.

EVE possesses lots of features that put the user at ease. For example: -

  1. Employee tracking app, this helps in tracking the field employees. It is a great step towards the safety of employees and it helps in keeping a track of their work and whereabouts all at the same time.
  2. Reminders for any work assigned on EVE are sent through SMS and Email. The attendance feature can be used on every employee’s phone. It also calculates how many working hours every employee has put in.
  3. EVE is there to help anytime, anywhere, right there on your phone.

An EMPLOYEE TRACKING APP helps in tracking the location of employees. As a matter of safety, it is a step forward in the right direction. Also, it provides complete transparency in matters of field reporting. This also requires to be activated voluntarily by each employee, thus cannot be done without the knowledge of an individual.

EVE focuses deeply on security, therefore we have SSL, which helps us to:

  • -Secure connection.
  • -Kick out hackers.
  • -Encryption on sensitive pieces of information.
  • -Authentication requirements at various levels.

Yes, you can do so for the members on the EVE app. Reminders can also be set through this to remind people about what they need to bring for get-togethers.

No, you cannot transfer money through our “MY FINANCE” feature. One can only manage finances and maintain a record of expenditures and incomes here.

EVE has a unique all-in-one communication wall, and a specially developed MARS feature (Multi-device Automated Reminder System). World-class GPS and FOS Tracker. It is the perfect answer to digital problems of modern times.

It has a HIGH PRIORITY ROUTE and it requires authentication for access which makes it safer to use.

Yes, it provides day-wise stock-in and stock-out report through its Day Book.

Yes, real-time location works smoothly on regular basis.

No, GST and other taxes will be chargeable.

If you have forgotten your password there is an option of recovering it with forgot password option and if you are still having trouble signing in, you can contact us at our toll-free number or website. Our technical department will help to solve your issue at the earliest.

If you are having trouble with reimbursements you can contact the H.R team and they can be contacted through the app as well through your contact book option.

In that case, you have to talk to your technical head because it can be a bug or due to other internet issues.

No, it is not an E-wallet. You can however log in your a/c details 24x7 on your phone and keep it handy for any forthcoming situation.

We have a special feature named Employee book, which has the details & designation of the employees. This feature helps you keep a database of all the employees & track their current location.

Another benefit of using EVE is that it helps in generating bills & sending them instantly via email/sms. We also provide customizations as per your personal requirement.

We lay down an exact diameter of latitude & longitude under the radius of 100-250m, which doesn’t allow the workforce to clock in/ clock out if they are not in the office premises.

GPS Tracking is the answer to all your issues when your employees are in the field.

EVE can only be operated on a smartphone. You have to be an android/ios user to have access to EVE.

Facebook is a personal social networking platform. In EVE we provide an individual social network for corporates. This can be used by your workforce & personnel. You can stay connected with your work community through this & add more productivity to the business.

EVE offers 14 individual features, each one has its own unique use. All features are on one dashboard, consuming less battery & adding value to the business in every possible manner.

No, we don’t have an inbuilt CCTV. But we assure you the GPS Tracking feature will help you track your personnel on a real time basis, know their route, their work & so much more.

Yes, you can advertise your business through EVE. It would be visible to every user associated with EVE. It will help you in increasing your brand value & bring you more business opportunities.

We have a Clock in/Clock out system for attendance reporting. It is very accurate & makes attendance tracking very easy to manage.

Not yet, but you can see and manage all employee related data through the Employee Book.

EVE requires very little technological experience and is very user-friendly at the same time. It helps you save time, be independent in the modern technological world, and also run your business with ease.

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