Usefulness of ERP Software

Which Businesses Need To Implement ERP Software?

The ERP Software which can be availed from ERP Software Companies In Kolkata can be very useful for businesses. Read on to know more.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is the best solution when you want to take your business to great heights and accomplish its name in the market. It is a software that helps in managing and integrating all the crucial business procedures. This includes accounting, inventory management, sales, order purchases, a database of customers and HR. All of these are available under the same roof in a single cohesive place. One needs to avail of this software from ERP Software Companies In Kolkata.

Implementing the software will be beneficial for businesses that have complex and difficult tasks or functions more than any other business. Here is a list of businesses that can use this software to their advantage.

Businesses That Can Aid From This Software:


One of the major industries that can benefit greatly from this software is the healthcare industry. Besides, the primary goal of any healthcare industry is to offer the best health services. As a result, maintaining and managing the information of patients become vital. “ERP Software can prove to be very useful in this case.

Real Estate:

The business of real estate comes with great responsibilities. It is not an easy task to become a contractor or project manager. You also need to keep track of the demand and supply of the building material and equipment. Any miscommunication between the onsite and offsite team or discrepancy in data can lead to significant losses. ERP systems in these cases can be very useful. When you input data into the ERP system, it is kept safe.


Another industry that contributes majorly to the economy in this country is the manufacturing industry. It is also important for them to stay updated and adapt everything according to trends. Therefore, a one-in-all solution to all your manufacturing processes is to implement the ERP software. It also helps you to track the duty-hours of employees.

Wholesale Industry:

The motto of this industry is “demand and supply”. With an ERP solution, you can keep track of inventory from multiple warehouses and restock it as per the demand. You can also view all the product details such as batch number, shelf life, and the manufacturer’s information on a unified portal. You can also access the shipping information such as costs and addresses.

Retail industry:

Retail is another sector that can benefit from ERP software. In a retail business, a number of functions involving inventory management, sales reports, invoice creation, and customer information are handled with the help of individual tools.

These are some of the businesses that can benefit from this software. Check out the website of EVE24hrs as they are the best ERP Solution Providers In Kolkata.

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