Online GPS tracker- One of the Upgraded Features of the ERP Software

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is an advanced automation feature. It brings integrated solutions to different businesses. This software has been implemented in almost every department of work. It is helpful as it streamlines, standardizes and integrates all the business procedures.

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Over the years, this software has gained immense popularity, expanding to the service industry, high education department, healthcare, hospitality, government, etc. Besides, It operates entirely on an integrated software platform or database where all the data is defined in a common, shared mode. 

ERP software can be tailored according to the requirements of the company. As a result, you can notice that choosing one for your company is overwhelming. Yet, ERP is the ideal solution for accurate analysis of data, automation, and a full-scale infrastructural integration. This is also beneficial for small companies.   

While the ERP applications have significantly transformed the day-to-day performance of the company, the feature of a GPS or Global Positioning System has allowed the employees to work unitedly and achieve their objectives. The managers can make timely decisions with this remote component as well as monitor the on-field work satisfactorily. The GPS FOS tracker and online gps tracker provide real-time visibility, mainly for the on-field sales employees who can check where their representatives are.

Also, you can manage the attendance of the employees, gather detailed information useful in making decisions. This scalable system is a big asset for the company which drives better performance. You can also add users, customize the dashboard and manage the assets whenever necessary. 

ERP software provides several key features. One of the primary features is Real-time GPS and FOS tracking. The GPS FOS tracking feature of the ERP software has another advantage. Through this, you can also check the work history of any colleague as well as set deadlines accordingly.

Some of the Other Important Features are as Follows –

1. Customer Relationship Management 

Every ERP application has the CRM component as it propels better interaction and conversation with customers. Besides, the integrated database enables the market planners and salespeople to address all their issues timely. Through this, they can address the client problems, their queries, examine their buying preferences, interests, and patterns. Also this way, they can host an engaging interaction with them whenever needed. You can track all the customer and sales data with the ERP solution. Besides, these valuable insights will likewise prove fruitful, along with your sales and marketing efforts.  

Also, through the CRM component, you can manage all the invoices, provide real-time information about proposals, monitor the status of contracts in an organized manner. Also, another massive benefit is tracking the buyer’s history. This can help you can experiment with the recent buy and sell trends. Besides, you can also make useful comparisons from past and present sales reports.

2. Human Resource

Automation in the Human Resource Department has reduced a lot of manual work burden. As this software is successfully able to handle the full management of employees, including onboarding to offboarding, salary to compensation and bonus, timekeeping, etc. 

Also, Another big feature within this is the payroll software is that it manages invoices, salary, slips, issuing deposits of the entire organization.  Also, It is less time consuming since you can do the transactions with the automation technique.  It also saves a lot of human effort so that they can focus on other aspects of work. 

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ERP Software Service is as Follows – 
  • all-in-wall communication wall
  • GPS and FOS tracker.  
  • a multi-device automated reminder system  
  • a mobile-friendly digital accounting system
  • quick task assignment and meeting of deadlines  
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